Let's celebrate U.S. energy independence

By Vets4Enery Montana Chairman, James Mariska: ...a second American revolution, one that promises to make our nation energy-independent and secure.



How we can declare energy independence

"America should fully embrace the development of U.S. energy resources - including by fracking and offshore drilling." -- William L. Schachte Jr., retired U.S. Navy rear admiral and the South Carolina chairman for Vets4Energy.



It's time for an energy revolution

By Vets4Energy Chairman Captain James McCormick. After years of dangerous dependence on foreign sources of energy, America - thanks to the ingenuity of its free people and the technology we've created - is now on the verge of energy independence and could very soon become a net energy exporter.



Energy independence promotes freedom in U.S.

By Vets4Energy Chairman Lt. Michael Wherry. This July Fourth we'll celebrate the 239th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the founding of our nation in 1776, and the beginning of the American Revolution.



A declaration of energy independence

By Vets4Energy Chairman William L. Schachte Jr. - Offshore drilling and fracking would end dependence on foreign oil



This July Fourth, let's celebrate two revolutions

By Vets4Energy Chairman Major General Gary Wattnem.This July Fourth, we can celebrate the beginning of a second American revolution, one that promises to make our nation energy-independent and secure.



Pa. Chamber joins with stakeholders to highlight benefits of shale development on economy

In Pennsylvania, Vets4Energy speaks against higher energy taxes.



Gas tax foes, school funding advocates converge at Capitol

By Vets4Energy Chairman Tony Calderelli. As Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to raise money for schools by taxing gas drillers slams into Republican crosswinds, hundreds of protesters converged on the Statehouse on Tuesday to call on the Legislature to get behind the proposal.



Industry, education advocates face off over gas tax

By Vets4Energy Chairman Tony Caldarelli. Dueling rallies between the natural gas industry and public education advocates sparked some heated exchanges at the state Capitol Tuesday.



Army Captains at event hosted by Pennsylvania House Speaker Turzai

Vets4Energy retired Army Captains James McCormick and Tony Caldarelli appeared at an event hosted by Pennsylvania House Speaker, Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) at the Marcus Hook refinery in suburban Philadelphia.