DLA Energy hosts 2017 DoD Fuels Awards

Each year the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps service control points nominate the best fuels management operations in DoD... "The winners here today represent thousands of military and civilian personnel who ensure quality fuel is delivered on time, every time."



State air-quality agencies' report tracks pollution control progress

"The Greatest Story Seldom Told: Profiles & Success Stories in Air Pollution Control" includes key metrics from concentrations of criteria pollutants like ground-level ozone and air releases of toxic chemicals to compliance and enforcement activity...



Military veterans drawn to ethanol industry; reasons ignite debate over energy independence

[Capt. McCormick of Vets4Energy] disputed the idea that ethanol is somehow more attractive to veterans from a national security perspective. "General Clark does not represent me, and he does not represent the majority of veterans..." said Mr. McCormick



Defense Logistics Agency Hosts 2017 DoD Fuel Awards

Vets4Energy salutes all who help to ensure our fighters are properly fueled, which in 2016 included more than 6 billion gallons of fuel.



Vietnam vet receives 2016 McQuillen Award

Paul Chevalier, volunteer chairman of New Hampshire Vets4Energy, recognized for his service to fellow veterans.



ANALYSIS-New U.S. pipelines to drive natural gas boom as exports surge

U.S. energy firms are scrambling to finish a slew of pipelines that will unleash rich reserves of shale gas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio as the nation prepares to become one of the world's top natural gas exporters.



Podcast with Admiral Don Loren

Radio Podcast of Rear Admiral Loren of Vets4Energy, former Deputy Asst. Sec of Defense for Homeland Security, talks energy and energy infrastructure.



Energy Infrastructure for a Secure America

By Vets4Energy's Rear Admiral Loren: President Trump's recent approval of both the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipelines was an impressive start in his plan to rebuild American infrastructure, boost our economy and invigorate job growth.



Environmental activist groups expected to ramp up protests against energy infrastructure projects

The Trump administration may be bad for the policy agenda of environmental activism groups but good for those groups' fundraising, as some of them have signaled their intention to ramp up protests to a number of the administration's energy policy proposals.



Nebraska commission sets hearing date for Keystone XL review

A state commission that will decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline's route through Nebraska has scheduled a five-day public hearing on the project.