US Sen. Manchin (WV) Recognizes Vets4Energy's Capt. McCormick and Purple Heart Trail Event

"I thank all the Veterans and family members in attendance today for the sacrifices they have made to preserve the freedoms we hold dear - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I truly appreciate Vets4Energy Director Captain James McCormick, USA (ret) and all of you for what you are doing for our country."



Norway offers new offshore drilling licenses in Barents Sea

"The potential is huge," Oil Minister Tord Lien said. "If the companies are successful in their exploration, Northern Norway will enter a new era."



Vets4Energy on WCCF 1580 AM (Florida)

Capt. McCormick discusses Vets4Energy, The Purple Heart Trail, energy and national security in 11-minute interview.



Gov. Haley, Sens. Scott and Graham, show 'appreciation' for military with energy positions, says local veteran leader

"You want to show appreciation for our military? Thank our South Carolina governor and U.S. Senators for their support of domestic energy production..."



Sens. Flake, McCain strong on energy security issues, says Arizona veteran leader

"One of the best ways we can show our appreciation for our military is to press our federal policymakers to make it easier to develop energy resources here at home."



Three-time Purple Heart recipient kicks off national Purple Heart Trail tour with two Florida stops

"It's just good to honor those who were injured fighting for this country."



Emissions fall to near 25-year low due to natural gas

"Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation [in 2015 was] the lowest since 1993 and 21 percent below their 2005 level."



Illinois Vets4Energy Chair: Show appreciation for military by pushing for energy independence

Pekau said that President Obama's recent actions to ban oil and gas development in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), implement regulations to drastically reduce and eliminate coal production and deny permitting for the Keystone XL pipeline negatively impacts our country's national security.



Fossil Fuels May Not Dwindle Anytime Soon

The U. S. Energy Information Administration foresees continued dominance for coal, gas and oil.



Offshore Energy and Future Energy Security

"That makes it all the more critical that the final leasing plan maintain maximum opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic, where Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi seas are estimated to contain more technically recoverable oil and natural gas than the Atlantic and Pacific coasts combined."