Veterans Advocating Energy Innovation for New England

Vets4Energy Volunteer Chairman: "We in New England are being held hostage by the state of New York... The northeastern United States already pays the highest energy prices on average compared to anywhere else in the country."



Vets4Energy Volunteers Sponsor Nevada Military Support Alliance

Volunteers of Vets4Energy Nevada sponsor the putting green for the Nevada Military Support Alliance's 7th Annual Golf Tournament in Reno, Nevada for a record number of players.



To Those Saying Gas and Oil is Destroying Our Environment

A personal look at the effect of oil and gas in Pennsylvania by Vets4Energy volunteer chairman Anthony Caldarelli (PA).



Oil field data worth millions of dollars is about to be made public

Though released in Alaska, this shows the value for modern seismic surveys for determining our offshore resources.



Harvey Update: Supply, Demand and Gasoline Markets

Mega-weather events historically have impacted the regional/national oil supply chain and supply levels in the marketplace. Hurricane Harvey, and the uncertain path of Hurricane Irma, will drive continued conversation about storm effects on refineries and other energy infrastructure and the potential for market impacts around the country.



VA Dispatches Mobile Clinics to Texas for Harvey Relief Efforts

More than 500,000 veterans live in areas affected by the Category 4 Hurricane Harvey and its spinoff storms, including more than 175,000 veterans enrolled in VA health care, according to the VA.



Focusing on Relief Efforts, Continued Safe Operations

The primary focus along the Texas Gulf Coast is on search and rescue efforts... Energy companies, which themselves have thousands of employees living in the area, are helping support organizations such as the Red Cross, the United Way of Houston and others that provide emergency services.



Energy companies make big contributions to Harvey disaster relief

Harvey is expected to leave behind billions of dollars in damages in its wake. Here's a look at what energy companies are doing to help.



Natural Gas and Oil Industry: Jobs, Economic Benefits and Key to National Security

Vets4Energy MO Chairman: "The economic impact of the natural gas and oil industry is another major reason for U.S. policy makers to continue to support infrastructure improvements including pipeline development and robust transportation systems.



Harvey's Lessons for America's Stretched Energy Infrastructure

Hurricane's impact shows how dependent U.S. is on a small number of refineries and pipelines