IHS Markit: US gas production to rise 60% in next 20 years

The US is now on track to become one of the world's major LNG exporters, the report notes... The report observes that shale gas also has made a major contribution to reducing US carbon dioxide emissions.



Sound energy policies fuel national security

This weekend, Vets4Energy's Leanne Wheeler has the honor of speaking to the brave men and women who’ve served our country at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Florida State Convention.



Vets4Energy Florida Volunteer Awarded Governor Medal of Merit

Veteran and Vets4Energy Volunteer Mark Alvarez, USA (Ret.) was awarded the Medal of Merit by Governor Rick Scott.



Capt. McCormick honored by the Alpha and Omega Retreat during NY Veteran Symposium

At Western New York 3rd Annual Veteran Symposium in Buffalo, Capt. McCormick is recognized for his work in helping Veterans transition after military service,



What does the American Flag Mean to You?

A few memories from Vets4Energy Volunteers: "It was the first time I saw the flag in that way..."



Elect representatives who will unleash US energy potential

By Nevada's Vets4Energy volunteer chairman: "But there's something else to consider with your vote - as we decrease our dependence on foreign oil, particularly from volatile regimes, we also lessen the need for American troop-led intervention."



Energy a key election issue

Our energy appetite makes us vulnerable. And our dependence on foreign sources of energy keeps the threat of war on our doorstep... by Vets4Energy volunteer.



Trump signs orders removing tariff exemptions for Canada, Mexico, EU

"We are deeply discouraged by the administration's actions to impose tariffs on our three closest trading partners - Canada, Mexico, and the EU - and view this as a step in the wrong direction," API Pres. Jack N. Gerard responded.



Capt. James McCormick, U.S. Army (Ret.), Discusses Work for Veterans

Capt. James McCormick, U.S. Army (Ret.) and program director for Vets4Energy, discuss programs to make veterans farmers in West Virginia on WOWK-TV in West Virginia.



Here's who to blame for rising gasoline prices

Economists agree that no person or action can single-handedly affect pump prices over time, which are largely driven by a global oil market. That doesn't mean we can't indulge in the human condition of blame.