Commentary: Florida needs to consider offshore oil exploration

Without much fanfare, the United States has now met its own domestic natural gas needs, while also becoming the world’s No. 1 exporter of natural gas. At the same time, Americans still consume far more oil than our currently available domestic resources can supply.



Robert G., US Coast Guard: We Should Develop Our Own Resources

I do not think we should be dependent on foreign countries, many of which don't like us, for our oil.



Phil P., US Army: Get Serious About Energy Independence

The U.S. needs to get serious about energy independence and our National Security! We can no longer rely on imports from foreign countries; especially those hostile to the U.S.



Carl C., US Army, Concerned About Energy Policy

My major concerns with the current administration's lack of a cohesive energy policy is just that. They don't seem to have a policy in place...



Paul C, USMC, Nov. Elections and National Security

National Security is the reason most of us have served in the military. Physical security of the United States, our families & loved ones, and the American way of life.



A Vet Talks About Vets4Energy

Because of this organization, I have become current on our country's energy policies. Unfortunately, as a result of becoming current, I think many of these policies are flawed and economically problematic to the country. It's good to be part of a group that tries to get these flaws fixed.



What concerns me the most

Now we are facing another major conflict to eradicate the ISIS who is succeeding in their efforts to take over the oil fields in Iraq and next it will be the rest of the oil producing countries around the Arabian peninsula Saudi Arabia. We have to become more energy independent...



Veterans know how essential energy really is

I speak to veterans every day who can't understand why the government continues to spend billions importing oil when we can produce it ourselves.



We need a clear and smart energy policy

By Maj. General Doug Bunger, USAF (ret.): "Having served for 31 years in the finance and logistics related specialties in the United States Air Force, I have always been concerned about sources and accessibility of energy for our defense forces... We need a clear and smart energy policy that is fully integrated with our national defense policy. We currently do not have one."



Keystone XL Pipeline Delay a Political Move That Hurts Jobs, Economy, Energy Supply

V4E Volunteer, Maj. Gen. Bill Hodgkins: "While most out-of-work people simply want the opportunity for a job, Washington seems to have turned a deaf ear to those pleas."