Vets4Energy on KOA NewsRadio

August 1, 2016

Radio interview with Rear Admiral Donald Loren, USN (ret.), the national liasion for Vets4Energy.

During this interview with Mandy Connell of KOA NewsRadio (850 AM / 94.1 FM in Colorado), Loren talks about ways to incorporate veterans into energy jobs, especially those becoming available in the next decade in Colorado and throughout America.  

He also talks about the need to balance the environment and energy opportunities and the connection between America’s national and energy security.    During the interview, several job-search tools were mentioned, including

Listen to radio interview here (the twelve-minute segment occurs between 18:40 - 30:45).

Interview was conducted by Mandy Connell on KOA News Radio 850 AM / 94.1 FM. 


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