Majority of NE senators make push for Keystone XL Pipeline

March 14, 2017

President Donald Trump’s executive order on pipelines and a recent call by a two-thirds majority of Nebraska’s senators in support of the Keystone XL pipeline have been welcomed by representatives of the pipeline industry.

"As members of the Nebraska Legislature, we are well-versed in the issues and history surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline and wholeheartedly support the project moving forward," wrote the majority -- 33 of 49 -- of Nebraska's state senators in a March 8 letter to the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

"We respectfully urge the members of the Public Service Commission to approve the route outlined in TransCanada's recent permit application," continues the letter.

TransCanada, which wants to build the pipeline to make it easier to shift more tar sands crude oil from Canada to refineries in Illinois and Texas, asked Nebraska for approval last month.

This follows Trump’s Jan. 24 executive order in support of the building of the pipeline, which essentially gives the project federal approval and allows the states to proceed with granting permission if they choose.

Capt. James McCormick (ret.), Bronze and Silver Star recipient and program director at Vets4Energy, said the Keystone XL project is directly related to improving our national security, which "requires a country to have an affordable and stable supply of energy."

"President Trump's executive removing (of) federal opposition is a huge step toward improving our supply of energy, the jobs transporting and refining that energy and building more energy infrastructure in America," said McCormick.

A representative for one of the country's leading energy infrastructure groups expressed optimism over the Keystone XL project.

“We’re excited for Keystone XL,” John Stoody, vice president of government relations with Association of Oil Pipelines, told American Security News. “The president’s leadership on the cross-border permit process is greatly appreciated and the recent show of support by a super-majority of Nebraska state legislators shows the remaining state-level approval process is headed in a positive direction there...”

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