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American Petroleum Institute, U.S. Senator launch energy-jobs website for veterans

The U.S. Senate teamed up with the American Petroleum Institute (API) to help veterans and current military members find jobs in the oil and gas industry, the API said this week.

Vets4Energy Promotes New Website to Connect Job-Seeking Vets and Hiring Employers

A new resource to help veterans identify private sector jobs that utilize skills that were acquired while serving our country was unveiled at an event at the U.S. Capitol.

Support leader in energy field

Energy self-sufficiency today is the key for a better America tomorrow... Having a wide-ranging energy portfolio and being good stewards of the earth are not mutually exclusive...

Vets4Energy National Liaison Interview at the State of American Energy 2016

"...we have on the average a million veterans making transition from service in the military into civilian sector. What better source of employment for America's sons and daughters who have worn the uniform of the nation than in the energy industry?"