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Fracking Rule Could Slow Energy Revolution

Onshore production of natural gas in federal areas fell 21.6 percent. The reason is federal policy. In contrast, state and private lands production increased 57.4 percent.

Choose energy security for America - and South Carolina

Written by Vets4Energy Chairman, South Carolina: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, better known as OPEC, is losing control of the oil marketplace. U.S. oil production - namely from our shale revolution - is now the oil market's rudder. The U.S. has unquestionably become an energy superpower....

China Builds Strategic Petroleum Reserves Amid Oil Price Plunge, but Still Lags Western Nations

The crude oil price plunge of more than 50% since last June has proved a mixed blessing for global economies. It has cut deep into the coffers of oil producing nations while providing much needed relief for oil and natural gas import dependent countries. China, the world’s second largest oil importer, is also taking advantage of the oil price plunge.

Support for seismic testing

By Maj Gen. William Hodgkins (ret), V4E Florida Co-Chair -- "Responding to Ron Littlepage's column "Thanks to Obama, our coast is in danger," Vets4Energy, a national organization of military veterans, believes the nation is more secure if we are less dependent on foreign oil.